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3-prong. Pick up parts in hard-to-reach places. Cable tester; 3-prong holder; IC extractor; Multimeter Three-pronged parts retriever; Antistatic pad and wrist strap; Tone generator and probe. Choose from our selection of small parts pickup tools, including claw retrievers for small parts, magnetic retrievers, and more. In stock and ready to ship. add or remove parts, peripherals and printed circuit boards. /4” nut driver • 3/16” nut driver • 3-prong parts retriever/extractor. Specifications, Assembly and Components for the Tools International Wire Retriever with 2"-3" Skirt. 3". Part Number. 52WF 52WF 52WF $ · Chip Inserter · Chip Extractor · Three-prong parts and chip pug-cs.rutor · 1/4" nut driver · 3/16" nut driver · T Torx screwdriver · Extra parts. The kit contains chip inserter with pin straightener; chip extractor; three prong parts retriever; assemble tweezers; slotted screwdriver - 1/8 inch;.

Anti-static three-prong parts and chip retriever/extractor. • Anti-static chip tweezers. • Needle nose pliers. • Tube for extra parts storage. Save on Performance Tool 24" Flex Retriever Claw - Flexible Shaft Reaches Confined Areas - Powerful Claw WC at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up. Part Number: CTK 1 - Slotted screwdriver - 3/16 inch; 1 - Torx screwdriver; 1 - Nut driver - 1/4 inch 1 - Three prong parts retriever.

pug-cs.ru CTK Thumbnail Image 3 from Left-angle Kit consists of Chip inserter with pin straightener, Chip extractor, Three prong parts retriever. Slotted screwdriver - 1/8 inch; Slotted screwdriver - 3/16 inch; Reversible T10/T15 Torx screwdriver; Assemble tweezers; Three prong parts retriever. Driver - 1/4 inch •1 x Nut Driver - 3/16 inch •1 x Assemble Tweezers •1 x Chip Extractor •1 x Plastic Tube container •1 x Three Prong Parts Retriever.

Parts Retriever. 3-Prong Pick Up Parts in Hard to Reach Places. About the Manufacturer. The product appearance may vary from what is pictured. Model: PR3. Parts Retriever. 3-Prong Pick Up Parts in Hard to Reach Places. This 3 Prong Part Picker allows you to retrieve even the smallest components. Push-down action opens prongs. Length inches. Diameter 1/4" Plastic barrel.

3-Prong Parts Retriever - PR-3 - Hand Tool Center Punches - pug-cs.ru Elenco PR-3 Parts Retriever 3-Prong Pick Up Parts in Hard to Reach Places " Overall Length (3" to collar, 5/8" prong reach) Color of item varies. Description Pick up parts in hard to reach places 3 prong View more. Parts Retriever. Save $ ElencoSKU: RB-Ibo Manufacturer #: Pr3. 1 review.

Chip inserter with pin straightener. Chip extractor. Three prong parts retriever. Assembly tweezers. Slotted screwdriver - 1/8". Slotted screwdriver - 3/16". *Chip extractor with securers and bows / 3-prong parts and chip retriever/extractor *Chip inserter / Chip tweezers / 1/4″ nutdriver / 3/16″ nutdriver. Extra parts tube. • Three-prong parts & chip retriever/extractor. • #1 Phillips screwdriver. • 1/4” nut driver. • 3/16” slotted screwdriver. Slotted screwdriver - 3/16 inch. Reversible T10/T15 Torx screwdriver. Assemble tweezers. Three prong parts retriever. Chip extractor.

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Parts Retriever 3-Prong Pick Up Parts in Hard to Reach Places These handy little picker uppers are even used in dental offices to hold crowns! Which of the following tools can help prevent damaging when working with computer components? A. Three-pronged parts retriever. B. IC insertion and extraction. Shop 3-Prong Parts Retriever - PR-3 online at a best price in Algeria. Get special offers, deals, discounts & fast delivery options on international. Shop 3-Prong Parts Retriever - PR-3 online at a best price in Nepal. Get special offers, deals, discounts & fast delivery options on international shipping. Small Access Foreign Material Retrieval Tool Kit Primary Features: · Magnet Retrieval Tool · Manual Viper Grasper Retrieval Tool · 3-Prong Gripper Removal Tool. Elenco PR-3 with edu pricing. Special pricing for educators, Parts Retriever. 3-prong; Pick up parts in hard-to-reach places. down-arrow Show More. Parts Retriever Magnet 5 Lb Long Handle | 2VCA9 | Worldwide Delivery | +44 2 Surface Size, /4"H x /2"L x /8"W. Known good spares 3-prong parts retriever Loopback plug Tone generator and probe Explanation Known good spares are sets of components that you know are in. 3 Prong Parts Retriever Parts Tube 4pc Solder Ease Kit Soldering Iron Stand Desoldering Pump Deluxe wire stripper. Lead Free Solder. Includes Nut driver 1/4 inch/Nut driver 3/16 inch/Philips screwdriver Torx screwdriver/Assemble tweezers/Three prong parts retriever/Chip extractor.
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